Jumat, Januari 23, 2009

Pink Flower of Love

When the question comes "do you have this?"
This sign of love is different
There is a black color around the pink

This sign is like a heart........
The feeling of love.......
will keep in the deep of the heart
will stay for the whole life
will never change and can not be changed
just once coming during the life
will never open by others
just have one key to open
just know the key who has the sign
will always blooming in the heart
will always life....even we are dying

3 komentar:

  1. It's a great feeling
    Hope I can get it.......

  2. Hello Pretty, You are very special one, you can everything....sing, discussing, photography, poetry, care, smart, have high intelligent, and beautifulllllllllll

    I just say one word, I love you
    may I???????

    Teach me how to make report auditing
    hahahaha.... you are the best one

  3. It's a wonderful poetry
    I agree with you
    Love is a true feeling
    Love just want to see you
    love can tell lie
    Love is forever

    I love you my friend