Rabu, Mei 28, 2014

My Love is Where You Are

My Love is Where You Are

I wanna say
"I love you dear"
But you're not here.

How many times
And how many lines
Did we write each other
Professing our love to one another?

This day is no exception,
I have no misconseptions.
Even though we're not together
My heart's with you forever.

We've been apart so long
And still we hear our song.
Like the stars in the sky
Some feelings never die.

You tell me that you love me
And I'm your destiny.
Well ... all I know
Is that I still want you so.

It's a special day, today!
So once again I'll say-
No matter who... no matter how far,
No matter what... Darlin'
My Love is Where You Are
Hehehe...the afternoon..in my office
waiting for the time is up...hahaha..

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