Selasa, Oktober 07, 2008


As long as the life time, now I realize
that the influence of the attitude in our life

The attitude is more important than a knowledge,
than money, than the opportunities,
than the failure, than the success
than anything that may be ...will be said or done by somebody.

The attitude is more important
than the appearance, the reward, or the expertise.
There will be the most amzement is
We have a choice to get
the attitude which is ours today.
We can not change our last memories.
We can not change someone's attitude.
We can not change what will happened.

One point that we can change
that is a thing that we can control,
And that is our attitude.

I am sure that life is
10 percent of what really happened to us,
and 90 percent is how our attitude against the case.

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  1. Aku akan turut nasihat ini.
    Terima kasih

    new friend